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Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic conditions in older adults. It has a very important effect on their physical and mental health. Untreated hearing loss is a platform to isolation and depression. Hearing loss can be treated and the sooner the better. Some hearing loss symptoms include, asking people to repeat themselves, difficulty understanding a child, misunderstanding conversations, increased strain in hearing the TV and fatigue or stress.

We at Quarry Hearing are committed to improving your quality of life through accurate diagnosis and treatment. Our methods incorporate a professional, personal and effective experience. We will be with you every step of the way.

  • Personalized Experience – Expect to receive very professional service from our expert staff members.
  • Professional Service – We strive to provide a comfortable and personalized experience.
  • State of the Art Office – Our office is equipped with state of the art equipment.

We are the premiere hearing aid source for Baltimore Maryland. Our office is located in the heart of Baltimore and easy to find. We provide a clean, professional space with expert and friendly staff. We offer a wide range of hearing aid services to the Baltimore community. Our office is handicap accessible, private and comfortable. Contact us and schedule your free consultation today.

Free Hearing Exam

We are offering a free hearing exam to residents of Baltimore MD. Meet our expert audiologists and have your hearing examined in the comfort of our state of the art office.

We look forward to seeing you.